Our company, BKS Folding Glass Systems was established in 2004 at Ostim Ankara Turkey. BKS specializes in the production Glass Balcony Systems. And we are offering the product designing, producing and supplies-service by distribution  with 350 different plastic injection and about 100 extrusion moulds and with the more than 750 different products, more than 3000 different types of semi-finished products.

      BKS Folding Glass Systems which is the first in producing the many products that is being used at Glass Balcony Systems, it is steadily renewing the infrastructure by AR-GE studies. As well as since 2007 our company has been offering the online shopping and online drawing program which is first in the glass balcony sector for not only own costumers but also everyone who is interested in this work.

     In addition to supply the products under the brand of BKS to customers in Turkey, our company also exports these products to more than 30 different countries. And our name reaches to the whole world step by step.

    Our primary goal is to continue working with our devotion to the values that is cause us to be successful in this sector today, with our employees who have contributed to this success and with our manufacturer distributors.

     And also it will always be our primary aim to be the first company in the Glass Balcony Sector which has online ordering and online drawing systems.


BKS Balcony Glazing Systems for long-lasting perfect systems

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