BKS Magnet Glass Seal

Balcony glazing systems are used for creating an esthetical view in the balconies, terraces and gardens of houses, restaurants, workplaces and so on. In order to provide insulation between the glass p anes of the systems, PVC glass seals have been used widely in the World.

Magnet Glass Seal has been produced after long R&D processes and after detailed laboratory tests with cooperation of 3M Solutions company. Designed in different thicknesses in order to fill the gap between the two glass panes, magnet glass seal not only provides good insulation, but also makes the balcony look more transparent and beautiful then ever. There is three types of magnet seal with differenet thickness:   4,5-5MM, 5,5-7MM, 8 MM.

BKS logo on magnet seal is our quality assurance. Magnet seal is an elastic roving. 

 Package of BKS magnet seal is like at that picture.



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