BKS Showcase System

·         The Profiles of BKS Showcase System, have been designed special to system, and likewise produced special to the showcase system.

·         All the Profiles and the Accessories, used in BKS Showcase System, are professional.

·         Anodized (natural) color is used in BKS Showcase System.

·         Since BKS Showcase system is suspensory, no case (rail) profile (threshold) is needed at the bottom.

·         In order to reinforce the glass load in BKS Showcase system, glass pin and spring are used in the plinth apart from the adhesive.

·         The Pool Profile, used in BKS Showcase system (right and left directional) is sold as ready- to -use.          

·         The middle covers of BKS Showcase System is Aluminum, chrome plating or electrostatic dust painted color can be applied.

·         On the Aluminum Middle Covers, special to BKS Showcase System, deadlocks take place.

·         This system is highly secure with the new design lock which can be locked from inside and outside.

·         BKS Showcase System activate through vertical single bearings.                    

·         In BKS Showcase System applications, glass wings are directly run to the pool through the wheel path in the case profile and without any intervention. They are accumulated in the pool.

·         In BKS Showcase System, 25 mm hair pencil is used at the bottom and at the top of the plinth; thereby insulation is provided.

·         In BKS Showcase System, 10 mm Translucent Glass Balcony Roving or Magnet seal are used between the glass wings.

·         In BKS Showcase system, there are accessories such as Door Pump Hinge, Top Hinge, Bottom Hinge, which are specially designed for the glass door. 

Showcase Butterfly System    

·         Only through a butterfly system wheel with vertical two bearings and by use of Profiles and Accessories of BKS Showcase System, accordion activation is possible.      

·         The system can be on and off at any location thanks to the Accordion Wheel.             

In the Accordion System, no Pool Profile is used. 


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